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Ivy and Abraham Pups

All is well - he is by far the most rambunctious Golden we have ever had!  Lots of personality and "talks" a lot - 

Was 60 pounds at last grooming.....

He will keep us young for sure – Amy 

Jack is doing great! I have attached a picture and video of his best tricks. Thanks again for everything, and I wish you the best. Let me know if you need anything.  Alex 

Bentley is doing great! (Ivy and Abraham pup)  He is such a calm, sweet boy.  He loves to go to the dog park.  He weighs about 60 lbs now.  He is a beautiful dog! 

He was so easy to house train, and crate train, and he never barks. He's a beautiful, well-mannered dog. We have many friends and neighbors who wish their dogs had 1/2 as good a temperament. He's the most gentle with our youngest (age 2). He's 85 pounds (big!) We love him! 


My parents are now interested in getting a puppy from you guys! Do you have any information on the litter being born soon? I am going to give my mom your email address as well so she can communicate with you directly. I am so happy with Pippin that I can't see any reason for them to go elsewhere. He is a perfect companion and I know when I go home for a visit in a week that Kate (the little girl I had with me when we picked the puppy up) will be harassing me to let him stay. Their golden is getting older and my mom is getting very sad :( She would like to have a puppy there for Kate because she and Spirit (their golden) are inseparable but he is having a hard time keeping up with her. 

As usual, Pippin is doing great. He is not excited about hot weather and likes to spend a good bit of time post-walk in the bathtub. He loves to swim. We are moving out Oregon for my new job in August. I think he will like the trails and hiking out there. I'm attaching some recent photos of him. He's so pretty but more importantly, he has a great personality. Heather  

English/American Puppies

 Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours, Diana.  All goes well here and Glory is just gorgeous and growing like a weed.  She weighs about 32lbs now and the vet says she is just perfect.  We have decided to spay her this Jan. 17 on recommendations from our veterinarian son and our own vet. As you can imagine she is incredibly energetic and so much fun.  She is totally housebroken now and sleeps through the night ON OUR BED!!   But we love it.   She does stay in her crate, however when we have to go out and she cannot come.  Otherwise, we take her everywhere and she loves the car.  We just returned from a very long road trip to FL and she did great.  What a wonderful little traveler.  We head west to Idaho at the end of Jan., so we now are confident she will do well on long car rides, and of course we will head north to Canada in the beginning of May.  We cannot wait to get her to the lake.  She loves water and resorts to playing in her water dish.  It is a riot to watch!
We take her to the off leash dog park (Stoll Park which is directly across the street from us) twice a day for an hour in the AM and an hour in the PM.   She gets plenty of great exercise up there and she needs it and loves it.  In the beginning she was a bit passive, but now that she has grown she jumps right in there with all the other dogs. You are going to love this.  Her best buddy up in the park is a dog named Wally.  He is the offspring of Myra and Austin!!  Small world!   Anyway these two adore each other and play so well together.  We just love that they have found each other.
We still follow your website and just love seeing the new pups.  And how wonderful that Austin has found a good and loving home.  He is such a beautiful dog. 
Will say so long and again blessings to you and yours in '08.  And we want to thank you again for raising such wonderful Goldens.  Glory has given us so much joy and love and without a wonderful and responsible breeder such as yourself she would not be in our lives.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.    Take care.  Pam & Ken **********************************************************************

Dear Diana,
I thought you might like to see a picture of Tucker at one year old. He was from Peaches and Rico's litter born on April 3, 2009. He was originally "Big Male" but then was "Red Collar Male" when we picked him up from you. He is a wonderful dog with a loving personality. He is playful and loves to be with the family, esp. my husband. He has gotten a lot of compliments and we have told many people here in Maryland that after several months of research that we decided to go to Kansas to get one of your goldens. It was the best decision, he has been a great addition to the family.
Take care,


Madison is still the star at Petsmart!  We go every day that I am off work.  All the girls that work there love her and she knows right where the treats are at the registers!  She sits pretty for them!  She weighed 66lb last week.  I had to take Tristin to the vet and took Madison along for the ride, and the vet said she is just so incredibly beautiful!  There are even still so many people that ask what kind of dog she is because of her color.  Even people who have goldens!  We are so proud of our baby daughter!  Thank you so much for helping to make such beautiful babies!!  Tara


Hi Diana!
We all LOVE Riley very much.  She has adjusted and is very happy
living with our family.  She is learning her manners, growing, very,
very playful and ALL the kids in the neighborhood love her very much! 
She goes to the vet monthly for her immunizations and she's getting
ready to have her little operation.  We love her.  Thank you for
giving us the opportunity to have her!

Sue  & family


Hello Diana,

Harley is absolutely wonderful and is the hit of the entire neighborhood! He is my constant companion and is with me all the time; I can hardly wait until he is big enough to attend my horse shows! I have a dressage event coming up next weekend at the Longview Horse Park, thinking with the cooler weather of taking him with me and having him man the booth with my assistant as he is definitely a ?chick magnetic?. You would not believe all the compliments I have gotten about his wonderful disposition and coloring, everyone always asks where I got him.

Harley absolutely adores children and is incredible with them, never jumping up or biting them which is good as we are in a neighborhood that has many running around. I just cannot believe how fast he is growing; he is already on his third dog collar.

I would love to come down sometime and show you how Harley is doing, he is just the cutest puppy I think I have ever seen, but then, most puppy owners probably feel the same way. His coloring is fantastic, I think he will probably stay fairly light, his feathers are coming in snow white.

Will send you some pictures soon, I plan on taking more this weekend for my puppy book I am making putting together.

Thanks, Marilyn


Abigail is doing great, full of life and personality. She keeps us entertained, and Kelley (our 10 yr old Golden) young and playful.

I?ll be in touch around the first of the year.

Thanks for the email,




Thank you for your email message.  Well Lance is doing great!  He is such a
wonderful dog he is  part of our family!  We get tons of complements on how
attractive he is and his personality.
Thanks again for a lovely addition to our family!  I have a digital camera and
will take some photos this weekend so that you can see what he looks like now
that he is all grown up! Lisa


Hello Diana,


   Star is doing great. She is so sweet. We let her play with Candie, our white golden and one of our other Goldens, Misty. They are the 3 Amigo's. They all get along so good. It?s fun to watch them play together. She's a welcome addition to our golden family.


Take care, Lori



Hi Diana and Risa ,  Thank you for inquiring about ? Sophie? .She is a wonderful dog and we enjoy her immensely! We had some VERY warm weather this summer so I had her clipped. We spent a week at Martha?s Vineyard and Sophie wasn?t too keen on getting in the ocean,  she preferred her kiddie pool ! She also enjoyed chasing the wild turkeys! She was very well behaved on the ferry trip and absolutely LOVED all the attention she received from other passengers. Her coat is growing back in now and she is LOVING the cooler temps.  She still likes to chase our three cats outdoors, but I think it?s a game they have going amongst themselves! I?ve sent along some pictures taken in July for you to enjoy.  Hope all is well with all of you? Sandy


Diana ? Toby is doing just great. I got her spayed two weeks ago and she did just fine. She has been totally potty trained since 3 ½ months. She has been through a Puppy Head Start class and was the friendliest and one of the busiest in attendance. She is absolutely beautiful ? still pretty light in color, strong, inquisitive, happy, loving ? I can?t tell you how many comments I get ? like you are going to Show her aren?t you or You are going to breed her aren?t you. She loves to go for walks. I am truly enjoying her so much.

I?ll forward some pictures soon!

Take care,




Diana, I am sorry we have not communicated with you about the Golden Retriever that we got from you.  We have named him KC (for Kansas City, Katie & Christopher, and for my dads previous golden named Casey).  He has turned out to be a fantastic dog that is very calm, never jumps up, and is extremely well behaved (he hasn't chewed anything beyond his chew toys).  He is great with the kids and allows them to climb all over him and never growls or is bothered.  He is now about 78 lbs and in great health.  I don't have any pictures I can send at this time but he is a beautiful healthy dog.


Thanx again.  We will be in the market for another golden retriever sometime within the next year or so as our 15 year old Pekinese mix is starting to show her age and when she goes we will start with another puppy as a playmate for KC (and we would not want to put the Pekinese mix through another puppy....KC is about all she can handle).


Thanx again,


Kevin, Michelle, Katie, Christopher, Sadie, and KC

Plano, TX




Dear Diana & Risa,


I apologize for now getting back sooner, but we have been at the lake getting things  closed for the winter. Oliver is doing great, we couldn't be more pleased with him. He has settled into our family

beautifully. He is so smart and has the sweetest temperament. He and our cat Coco have become fast friends spending lots of time chasing each other and playing in our backyard. Our crate training was soooo easy......he only had a couple of accidents inside and now goes in and out of his doggy door as needed. We couldn't have asked for a better family dog. He likes taking rides in the car for play dates and swimming at the lake. Thanks again for our precious gift.............Oliver. We will keep in touch and forward more pics as he grows.

 Thanks!   Majken 

Hi Diana,
Annie is doing great. We love her so much! She graduated from puppy kindergarten tonight and won the most prizes...she was the prettiest & smartest :)


Yesterday was our 6th week in puppy school!  She did so well and she loves it!  We were practicing greeting the dogs and teaching them to sit and not jump while doing so.  Madison has no problem with that!  One of the other owners said Madison is definitely going to be the Valedictorian of our class!  We are so proud of her!  We are very sad that we will miss our graduation, though, because we will be on vacation.

 She now weighs 28.8lbs!  She is getting big and ever so beautiful!  The vet said she is "absolutely perfect" last week at her final puppy shot appointment!

 Potty training is pretty much complete!  Thank Goodness!

 She loves our daily walks, chewing on her bones, eating ice cubes, playing with her big brother, swimming, riding in the car, watching TV, and her stuffed toys!


 Hi Diana,

 How are you?  if funny how you said, "This is Diana Conard of Risa's Goldens". I could never forget you. You are how I got Ben, he is the greatest dog ever. He is the best dog anyone  could ever have. I have had dogs in the past, he is actually my 3rd dog, but I have never had a dog as great as him.  I feel like he came trained, I have never has any obedience problems.  He truly has the best temperament in the  world.

Ben will be 1 year old  in a couples of weeks, he is great, I have had no problems with him, he is not very tall, he is around 75lb, he goes hiking every weekend for over 5 hours at once.  He gets 2 hours walks daily during the week. He goes swimming once a week. He eats Newman owns and get 1 Nuvet vitamin at day. He has plays days twice a week, his best friends are a female chocolate lab, Female Rotti and a Male Boxer that about his age,  I'm proud (I think) to said it seem he is the Alpha of the pack.

 I have not taken recent pictures of him, I was waiting for his birthday.  

Thanks again and again


Riley--Myra and Austin pup

Hi Diana This is our big boy.  He is just a sweetheart.  We love him to pieces.  Take care Laylene

Goldie and Austin's Riley

Hi Diana! Wanted to give you an update on Riley.  She is doing great and is absolutely beautiful!  We actully have her on an all-natural dog food recommended by our dog trainer.  She looks just like her mom Goldie. Kind of short and stocky.  We love her color and her personality is just incredible!  She responds so well to her training.  Her "brother" across the street (Jagger) owned by the Hawns, has the exact same coloring as Riley and they love to play with each other.  Is Goldie still having puppies or is she done? Sue L




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